Optum has completed its purchase of the healthcare division of The Advisory Board Company.

President Donald Trump's nominee to head HHS earned millions at pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly.

A report from a major U.S. credit ratings agency says repealing the individual mandate will save far less than the CBO predicted.

Using 112,000 x-rays released by NIH, Stanford researchers built an algorithm that can spot pneumonia better than a human radiologist.

Health IT advancements have changed the way hospitals respond to a disaster, but several issues remain, including consumer access to medical records.

UnitedHealth subsidiary OptumRx is now caught up in the court battle between Anthem and Express Scripts.

The Department of Veterans Affairs may merge its healthcare system with the Pentagon's, and many veteran groups are unhappy about it.

The opioid epidemic is costing the U.S. significantly more than was previously thought, according to a new White House report.

After being caught up in allegations of fraud, Outcome Health has lost partnerships with several organizations, including the AMA.