Breakthroughs in Patient Engagement and Behavior Change: Reducing Hospital Readmissions and Promoting Prevention of Cardiovascular Events

Innovations in patient engagement are demonstrating breakthrough results in reducing hospital readmissions. 

This whitepaper provides case studies with results and interviews with experts from the American Heart Association and other leading organizations. Download now!

PwC Health Research Institute's Top health industry issues of 2018
Thursday, January 18 | 1pm ET / 10am PT | PwC

In 2018 healthcare leaders will be adjusting their strategies to focus on investments, collaborations and efficiencies that build enterprise resilience on a baseline of continued uncertainty. Discover the risks and uncertainties are moving to center stage next year. Register now!

Wave of the Present: Working Spouse Verifications
Tuesday, December 12 | 11am ET / 8am PT | HMS

In this session, Christiana Healthcare and Mercy Health HR leaders will join working spouse provision provider HMS to share best practices. The discussion will include when to outsource the work, how to choose between surcharge and carve-out options, how often to survey your employees, and the potential impact of ACA repeal and replace efforts on the approach. Register now!

EHRs and Clinical Workflow: Striking the Right Balance
Monday, December 11, 2017 l 2pm ET / 11am PT | Bizagi

If you’re adopting or changing an EHR system, then right now is the perfect opportunity to look at all aspects of your organization from a digital point-of-view. In fact it’s a vital part of the process. Join us for a free webinar to learn how efficiently managed workflow optimization will help you to discover efficiencies, enhance care quality and maximize the benefit of electronic health records. Register here!


Chronic Care Management: Overcoming Barriers to Success and Ensuring ROI
Thursday, December 7 | 1pm ET / 10am PT | QPID Health

Join Dr. Bret Shillingstad and Jeff St. Vrain in a live webinar in which they share best practices for generating ROI from Chronic Care Management (CCM) services, based on their work with health systems. Register Now!

Best Practices for Value-Based Payment Arrangements
Now Available On-Demand | Change Healthcare

With the healthcare industry moving away from fee-for-service, payers are leading the way by creating alternative payment models with providers. 

In this webinar, payers that have successfully implemented value-based payment models will discuss some of the best practices they’ve gleaned along the way. Register now!

Ensuring Healthcare Privacy and Access While Managing Multiple Technologies
Tuesday, December 5 | 2pm ET / 11am PT | DocuSign

From admission and discharge to billing and record keeping, today’s hospitals use technology along every point of the care continuum, but challenges remain. Examine how providers are simultaneously using multiple technologies to boost physician access while ensuring data security. Register now!

Care and Cost Drive Healthcare Supply Chain Revolution

It’s time to change the way healthcare entitles interact with every participant in the supply chain for best practice inventory and cost controls. Learn how to change how hospitals think about the supply chain, and enable new workflows that move from reactive stock and selective inventory management to best practice demand planning and strategic sourcing. Download it now!

How to Improve a Fractured Hospital Medicine Program
Now Available On-Demand | Medicus Healthcare Solutions

To gain a better understanding of the issues that can negatively impact a Hospital Medicine (HM) program and measures hospital leaders can take to keep theirs healthy, join industry experts for a presentation and Q&A session that will cover strategies for success. Register now!

Conquer Cost: Reduce Readmissions & Complications with Patient Education
Now Available On-Demand | Healthwise

Learn from clinicians how patient education helps achieve better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction. Join Healthwise and Mission Health as we explore the keys to better results for both patients and providers. Register now!

Whitepaper | IT smartphone strategy guide

Read this whitepaper to learn 4 steps to a smooth smartphone integration.  After reading this white paper, you will:
• Understand your technical infrastructure.
• Engage your clinical team.
• Create a roll-out and support strategy.

Outpatient Audits: A Growing Frontier for Overpaid Claims Recovery
Now Available On-Demand | OmniClaim

There is a significant, often untapped, opportunity for healthcare savings – outpatient claim overpayments.  Join our webinar to learn best practices for identifying, auditing and recovering overpaid dollars missed by pre-pay software alone. Register now!