People still have trust in their doctors, according to a new survey.

The reduction in opioid prescriptions came at a cost to some pain patients.

A renewed focus has been placed on finding solutions to curb a big problem related to the opioid crisis: theft and abuse by providers.

Using MIPS to incentivize primary care physicians to cut hospital readmission rates by decreasing their payments may not work, a study suggests.

Resetting cultural beliefs and behaviors requires a top-down commitment and a systematic approach to reshaping organizational culture.

Industry group CHIME is urging federal healthcare policy officials to go slow with dual interoperability and information blocking rules.

Friday, CMS announced a delay in its final national coverage determination for chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. said on Friday that it plans to acquire InstaMed, a U.S. healthcare payments technology firm.

Microsoft is warning users to patch their legacy operating systems quickly to avoid another WannaCry ransomware attack.