Georgia's governor gets a hospital and an insurer reach a new deal to get 650,000 patients out of limbo, plus more payer news.

Healthcare workers are at a significant risk for violence in the workplace, but there are steps that health organizations can take to better protect employees. 

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia has signed an agreement with the United Arab Emirates to provide pediatric care to children in the UAE.

Addressing antibiotic resistance is a global concern and will require buy-in from stakeholders across the healthcare industry, experts say.

Shriners Hospital for Children in Minneapolis will be switching its focus to outpatient care, hospital executives said.

California's attorney general has ordered three hospitals to pay millions to local nonprofits.

Dana-Farber and MGH are confronting a lack of diversity among clinicians by focusing on improved recruitment of clinicians and patients.

When the Surgeon General issued an advisory calling for more people to carry naloxone, proponents were almost giddy. But the drug is expensive.

Democratic lawmakers are taking another crack at a public option with a Medicare buy-in option for employers and individuals on ACA exchanges.

Hospitals across the country are embarking on construction projects to expand and enhance their facilities.