Legislation aimed at reducing deaths of women from pregnancy and childbirth will advance to the president's desk after passing the Senate on Thursday.

Obesity and drug-related deaths are getting worse, but stats that can predict the nation's health years from now, while not perfect, are improving.

National licensure of nurses, physicians and other healthcare professionals is an idea whose time has come, but it’s coming pretty slowly.

As providers push forward on quality improvement initiatives, a key part of making those changes stick is emphasizing the human component.

Pediatrician Mona Hanna-Attisha, M.D., knows a thing or two about being told to stay in her lane.

A class-action lawsuit against Teladoc follows a report detailing the CFO’s relationship with a subordinate that included stock trading.

Athenahealth's $5.7 billion private equity takeover has consumers unsure about the future and the company's ability to provide support.

Breast implants—used for both reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries—give a glimpse into how hospitals mark up prices of medical devices to increase their…