Just 1.2% of people enrolled in Humana's wellness program activated an activity tracker, but 80% continued using the device for six months, a new study…

AHIP has nothing but good things to say about the federal government’s proposed rule for Medicare Advantage and Part D.

Telehealth, interoperability and access to real-time data were among the issues raised by providers and health IT groups as CMS explores CMMI changes.

Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander thinks his Affordable Care Act stabilization bill might make a comeback.

While media attention has focused on sexual misconduct in Hollywood and Washington, the healthcare industry isn’t immune to misbehavior either.

Optum has completed its purchase of the healthcare division of The Advisory Board Company.

President Donald Trump's nominee to head HHS earned millions at pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly.

A report from a major U.S. credit ratings agency says repealing the individual mandate will save far less than the CBO predicted.

Using 112,000 x-rays released by NIH, Stanford researchers built an algorithm that can spot pneumonia better than a human radiologist.