The FDA plans to release new guidance on opioid prescribing, which it intends to use as the basis of new digital tools aimed at the epidemic. 

Healthcare startups looking to shift the industry status quo lament the rigid inflexibility that limits better solutions.

While state regulators still need to weigh in on the planned merger, these health systems cleared a major hurdle with the approval.

A new survey shows ACOs could leave the Medicare Shared Savings Program and fewer might enter if proposed changes are finalized.

Concerns have recently been raised about shrinking hospital margins, but one hospital sector is less susceptible to the squeeze: pediatric hospitals.

Hospital leaders may not be looking in the right places as part of cost-cutting initiatives, according to a new report. 

A new study suggests that patients may do just as well recovering after surgery by meeting with a virtual physical therapist.

The startup plans to carve out a section of the industry by positioning itself as a "payvidor" that leverages cutting-edge technology.