California is the only state with more than 1,000 surgery centers that has given private accreditors a lead role in oversight.

The fall of two prominent researchers raises concerns about how medical journals enforce conflict disclosures and assure the validity of research.

An "economically significant" proposed rule on information blocking is at OMB for review, but it could be several weeks before it's public.

The Synaptic Health Alliance and other groups are developing what they call private or "permissioned" blockchain systems. You may have some questions.

If they had it to do over again, residents who trained in pathology and anesthesiology were more likely to regret their choice of a career as a doctor.

Call me doctor, not “provider,” says Jennifer Weiss, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon.

A new study identified one of the biggest barriers preventing patients from receiving their flu shot: the time of day the patient sees their doctor.

CMS issued a proposed rule on Monday that would eliminate or update a slew of regulations deemed “unnecessary, obsolete or excessively burdensome.”