Providers oppose the Trump administration's proposal to expand short-term health plans, plus more physician practice news from around the web.

Leapfrog Group says the data does point toward several positive improvements.

Forty-nine physician groups, which represent doctors across the country, have asked the government to reduce the reporting period for MIPS this year.

Sweeping changes in medical practice could improve the dismal U.S. rate of maternal deaths and near-deaths.

Take the computer out of the exam room and patients perceive the doctor as more compassionate and professional, with better communication skills.

Leaders of medical groups saw their salaries increase last year, with incentives playing an increasingly important role in their compensation.

It's one of the latest investments in healthcare from around the U.S. in the last week.

Physician practices need to know how they can improve their performance by benchmarking says Michelle Mattingly, data solutions manager at the MGMA.

When the Surgeon General issued an advisory calling for more people to carry naloxone, proponents were almost giddy. But the drug is expensive.

An Illinois obstetrician declined to learn a new electronic medical record system and will no longer deliver babies at St. Alexius Medical Center.