In the New England Journal of Medicine, a Harvard Medical student said he's learned physician burnout is more complicated than stress from overwork.

Thursday's announcement comes just a few months after the insurer reported it successfully slashed customer opioid use by 25%.

The former Obama administration advisor says "virtual medicine can't change behavior by itself."

Here are three ideas that traditional practices can adapt from urgent care to appeal to the millennial generation.

Atul Gawande, M.D., was officially named CEO of the three-way partnership's newly formed company to address U.S. employee healthcare.

Community health centers have seen a significant boost in patient visits over the past several years, plus more physician practice news.

If you don’t have a dress code at your practice, you might want to adopt one.

While a legal battle goes on, a state appeals court has reinstated California’s physician aid-in-dying law, at least temporarily.

In order to control ever-increasing Medicaid spending, some states are taking a unique step: addressing underlying social issues related to health.

High-deductible health plans are commonplace today, but few employers have fully replaced their benefits with such plans, according to a new report.