A practice administrator faces charges alleging he embezzled more than $3 million, plus more physician practice news from around the web.

In what’s good news for the predicted physician shortage, first-year enrollment at U.S. medical schools has increased by 29% since 2002.

California’s attorney general will appeal a judge’s decision Tuesday that overturned the state’s physician aid-in-dying law.

A new coalition will advocate for independent physician practices, plus more physician practice news from around the web.

Resident Max J. Romano, M.D., says it’s time that physicians who have benefited from white privilege confront racism within healthcare.

A Texas doctor was charged in an indictment unsealed Monday for his role in a $240 million healthcare fraud and international money laundering scheme.

HHS Secretary Alex Azar explained how his department can start addressing high prescription drug prices without waiting on congressional action.

Fresh off Trump's speech on lowering drug prices, Alex Azar has announced HHS is planning on looking back at an old Bush-era program.

UnitedHealth's HouseCalls program has seen several years of growth and in some cases, it's helped identify life-threatening conditions.

The DOJ might be hurting President Trump's call for more medication-assisted treatments due to "overly aggressive" clinic raids, one expert says.