Leading hospital organizations including the AHA and FAH outlined an agenda for advancing interoperability and data sharing in the coming years.

Medicare reimbursement isn’t cutting it for many physician practices, with a shortfall expected by 67%.

Big-name healthcare organizations are asking CMS to push back the application deadline for its new accountable care organizations.

Treating patients with multiple chronic conditions requires clinicians to move away from disease-focused metrics and toward patient-centric ones.

The curriculum is one of 17 Actionable Patient Safety Solutions made available to help train health professionals to reduce preventable patient deaths.…

While researchers didn't find a significant correlation between marketing and opioid overdoses, they suggested it could nevertheless have an effect.

In order to grapple with spending increases, the U.S. healthcare industry is transforming the way physicians are compensated.

Medical and patient advocacy groups launched an ad campaign to oppose a proposal they say will restrict patient access to prescription drugs.