Physicians and care teams need to keep a close eye on patients who present with obesity and an array of end-organ manifestations of cardiometabolic disease.

While many doctors say they aren’t confident they can safely help patients get off of opioids, the government has come out with a new guide.

An Alaska doctor and an advanced nurse practitioner were arrested Wednesday and charged with illegally distributing millions of opioids.

Only half of patients seeking care for three common ailments in outpatient settings receive the right antibiotic, according to a new study.

Health system and provider groups lauded the Department of Health and Human Services’ proposed regulations to update the decades-old Stark Law.

The University of Kansas School of Medicine - Salina is dedicated to producing rural doctors. Its graduates don’t always choose that path.

In the world of online marketing and promotion, a practice website is a necessary tool to reach new patients and help them stick with you long-term.

In a survey, patients said health professionals talking about gun safety is at least sometimes appropriate, especially when there's a risk of harm.