Many doctors believe e-cigarettes or vaping may cause more harm than good.

Some organizations have established physician coaching programs to improve patient satisfaction scores.

The former vice president wants more teeth behind federal interoperability efforts, while physicians say Amazon and Apple will drive interoperability.

Men once dominated the field of OB/GYN, but that has changed. Not everyone thinks it's good for the specialty.

Six months after Hurricane Maria, 10% of Puerto Rico's permanent health centers still suffer from lack of power.

The day medical students match with a residency program is a milestone, and this year was a record-breaker.

The FTC wants more information on Optum's pending purchase of DaVita Medical.

As more and more hospitals buy up physician practices, the number of employed physicians is also on the rise.

The country’s community health centers couldn't provide a safety net if Planned Parenthood loses funding, a new survey says.

Physicians face long wait times for insurers to process prior authorizations and the delays negatively impact patient outcomes.