A global budget model launched by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts slowed healthcare spending growth by 12% over eight years.

Living donor chains are an exceptional approach to organ donations.

A new study finds merely providing access to technology has not helped to close the digital divide for African American and older patients.

In a surprise move, Planned Parenthood Tuesday removed its president, Leana Wen, M.D., after less than a year in the job.

Mahmee, a startup focused on maternal and infant health, just closed a $3 million funding round that includes Mark Cuban and Serena Williams.

When it comes to telemedicine, more physicians are getting on board, with interest doubling over a three-year period.

Having a safe patient handling program is one way to reduce the risk of workplace injuries in hospitals and, by doing so, cut down on costs.

As the battle over a new Title X final rule continues to play out in court, the Trump administration says it will begin enforcing new restrictions.