A significant challenge in quality improvement is demonstrating the return on investment in such initiatives, but a prioritization framework may help.

Wait times are long in Canada under a single-payer system, raising debate about whether they would translate to the U.S. under Medicare-for-all.

A doctor has agreed to pay $3 million to settle claims from improperly billing Medicaid and Medicare programs.

Leading medical figures have failed to report financial relationships when their studies are published in journals, according to an investigation.

It's time for healthcare to evolve, according to physician and social media personality Zubin Damania, M.D. 

Healthcare was long considered an outlier compared to the rest of the economy, but it’s now behaving more in line with other industries, PwC says.

T-Mobile announced it will provide the VA with 70,000 lines of service in order to advance telehealth initiatives.

Like many others across the healthcare industry, telehealth providers will soon be faced with the challenge of EHR integration.