Several recent studies have highlighted the positives of Medicaid expansion without hurting state budgets, but that won't last long.

Kaiser Permanente is joining forces with the mayors of some of the country's largest cities to combat homelessness and housing insecurity. 

The newly updated drug pricing dashboards are shining light on who's responsible for the steadily increasing price of drugs.

The nation's second-largest insurer is receiving fierce backlash from advocates for a sharp cut in breast pump payments.

Sutter Health is calling for the state's case against it for anticompetitive practices to be dismissed.

Three organizations from different areas of the healthcare industry are joining to fund grassroots solutions for cardiac care.

For some patients, cancer is just half the battle. They also have to contend with insurance denials for prescribed treatment.

The NY-based insurer posted a profit of $7.4 million in the first quarter of 2018 and is planning to expand individual plans to Arizona next year.

Execs at several major health systems gathered on Capitol Hill on Wednesday to provide a deeper look at the risks they face if savings are cut significantly. 

Seema Verma has claimed that expansion of short-term plans will have little impact on the marketplace, but the HHS actuary says that's not true.