Talking resilience and agility amid change with Mayo Clinic Laboratories

Why must organizations stay agile? How can healthcare leaders operate proactively instead of reactively in a changing landscape? What are the ingredients to building resilience?

These are just some of the questions we put in front of our guest speaker on this episode. 

Joining us in the hotseat to talk through all this is Mary Jo Williamson, Chief Administrative Officer at Mayo Clinic Laboratories – a global leader in diagnostics dedicated to collaborative discoveries and patient breakthroughs. Mayo Clinic Laboratories relentlessly innovates on behalf of patients, building the diagnostics ecosystem of the future to help physicians save and improve more lives. 

With a strong focus on organizational culture and resilience, Williamson shares valuable insights on how healthcare organizations can stay connected to their mission, remain agile in the face of change and foster a resilient workforce.


Specifically, Williamson explains how using consistent language and storytelling, and celebrating living examples, is key to ensuring organizations and their colleagues stay attached to their mission.

During the conversation, she also discusses the importance of setting expectations for change and creating a framework for adjusting strategies and initiatives, as well as embracing agility by incorporating new information, refining focus and adjusting course.


Finally, Williamson tackles the topic of resilience in an evolving landscape, and how organizations need to demonstrate an understanding of team challenges, provide sufficient resources, create purpose and foster a culture of optimism.

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