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Gauss Surgical

Gauss Surgical

Believe it or not, the common practice in determining how much blood a patient has lost is simply eyeballing it. Using iPad cameras, Gauss Surgical has found a way to make those estimates more accurate to address rising concerns around maternal mortality.
EmpiRx office

EmpiRx Health

Some healthcare policymakers have called for the pharmacy benefit management industry to get a new look, and a New Jersey company is mixing things up by focusing less on rebates and more on clinical care management.
Intermountain Healthcare innovation center

Civica Rx

The rising cost of drugs has become one of the central issues in healthcare policy, and in the middle of that ongoing debate, a group of some of the country's largest health systems chose to launch a generic pharmaceutical company of their own.

Veda Data

Veda Data sells a service to insurers that ensures physician directory accuracy using artificial intelligence and does that through a customizable subscription model for a data feed that is auto-updated every 24 hours.


With standardization solidified as the holy grail in healthcare, Elemeno is gamifying medical education and providing guidance and support at the point of care.


Nearly 7 years ago, Medisafe CEO Omri Shor was visiting his parents in Israel when his father, who suffers from diabetes, overdosed on insulin and nearly went into diabetic shock. Since then, he's made it his mission to prevent similar errors that lead to 125,000 deaths each year.
Avant-garde Health

Avant-garde Health

Avant-garde Health was born out of research at Harvard into value-based care and since 2014 has made its mission to work with hospitals on initiatives extending beyond the facility’s four walls and into the post-acute space. 

A pharmacist consulting with a patient holding medication

Hoy Health

Hoy Health is taking on drug pricing problems with its medication voucher program, HoyMEDS, which lets patients purchase medications at low price intervals ranging from $10 to $40 through a national network.


Sure, Honor links older adults and their families with local caregivers. But they also are a tech company through and through.