Humana unveils latest partnership on coordinated kidney care

Humana will join forces with Strive Health to offer coordinated kidney care in two states.

The program is now available to eligible Medicare Advantage and commercial members in Kentucky and Indiana, the insurer announced Tuesday. Strive Health works with patients' primary care physicians and nephrologists to manage their care while providing access to predictive analytics, telehealth services and education on home dialysis options.

The goal, Humana said, is to detect kidney disease earlier and to slow its progression through more coordinated treatment plans.

“Innovative care delivery models are a core focus for Humana in prioritizing member-centered care that drives improved outcomes,” said Amal Agarwal, M.D., Humana’s vice president of transformative home solutions, in a statement.

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“Humana and Strive Health are proud to advance a more holistic approach to treating chronic kidney and end-stage renal disease," Agarwal added. "We are mutually dedicated to more seamless care coordination and an emphasis on greater patient engagement, both of which are particularly important as the nation continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic.”

Humana has announced a number of new programs targeting kidney disease of late, including unveiling its partnership with REACH Kidney Care in four states last week. The insurer also announced a partnership with Healthmap in May and that it would team up with Monogram Health and Somatus on kidney care in December.

The new initiatives also come as Medicare beneficiaries with end-stage renal disease will be eligible to enroll in Medicare Advantage plans for the first time during the upcoming open enrollment period.

Kidney care has also been a key focus for regulators. The Trump administration launched a set of new payment models aimed at boosting the use of home dialysis and transplantation as alternatives to clinic dialysis, as well as kick-started KidneyX, an accelerator for nephrology innovation.