The FDA plans to request congressional funding and authority to create a medical device cybersecurity response team.

Denied claims tied to inaccurate patient identification cost the average hospital $1.5 million.

Experts say Amazon's decision not to expand its reach in the medical supply chain was due to hospitals' "entrenched" approach.

A class-action lawsuit filed last week accuses Cigna of colluding with an administrative claims vendor in a cost-shifting scheme to overcharge members.

The nation's largest health insurer saw a 13.3% increase in Q1 revenues, beating expectations and adding new beneficiaries to Medicare Advantage.

Improving patients' access to care is more than just a public health imperative—it should be an economic one, too. 

NYC Health + Hospitals expanded a program to provide telehealth services to patients from Rikers Island.

Healthcare apps play a prominent role in a rapidly evolving mobile app industry, according to a new report.