Cerner clients share their feedback on Cerner RevElate

Change. It’s been a constant in healthcare for the past few years – and at times, the only thing that feels predictable. Cerner announced a change in October 2021 when Cerner RevElate™, the new, go-forward patient accounting strategy was introduced. 

The healthcare technology company believes in Cerner RevElate and the positive impact that it can have on healthcare organizations. Advanced automation, intelligence and an open, extensible environment are a few stated enhancements of Cerner RevElate.  

At its core, Cerner RevElate brings together the scalable, enterprise capabilities of Soarian® Financials and the clinically driven capabilities of Cerner Millennium®. The new patient accounting strategy is a commitment to evolving the clinically driven revenue cycle beyond simply connecting clinical and financial information for efficiencies to driving these workflows with higher levels of automation and intelligence that help facilitate future proofing. Automation and intelligence within the Cerner RevElate data model creates a foundation for evolving the clinically driven revenue cycle and helps facilitate innovation.  

Empowering healthcare organizations to tackle redundant workflow efforts, dynamically connect across venues, enable future proofing and drive growth for their organization are all stated goals of the open and extensible environment that supports this new approach to automation and embedded intelligence. 

It’s no secret that healthcare organizations are experiencing a lot of change – including staffing challenges, the consumerism wave and consolidation in the industry. Therefore, it is crucially important that Cerner is nimble while listening and responding to sentiments about Cerner RevElate.

With that in mind, Cerner asked its clients to provide feedback on how they feel about the new patient accounting strategy. Feedback was requested from over 1,000 client and industry individuals who have attended a Cerner RevElate demonstration since October 2021. 91% of current Cerner patient accounting clients have attended a Cerner RevElate demonstration.

Here are some of the results from those who responded to the post-demonstration survey:

  • 67% of respondents feel confident in the Cerner RevElate strategy. 19% of respondents indicated that they feel neutral.
  • Nearly 60% of respondents believe that Cerner RevElate will help solve their organization’s challenges. 
  • Most clients (75%) said that they are receiving adequate communication about Cerner RevElate

The general sentiment about the new patient accounting strategy leans positive, but there are still areas for Cerner to improve. While most clients feel they are receiving adequate communication, the biggest area for improvement indicated by the survey is providing more information on planning for a Cerner RevElate uplift. As the product validation timeline progresses, Cerner will work toward improving that point of communication while also continuing to provide useful overall communication about Cerner RevElate

To summarize the market sentiments, Cerner clients feel generally positive about Cerner RevElate and the communication they have received. But there is room for Cerner to improve the planning information provided to clients.  

In this time of rapid industry change, it’s important that Cerner continues to listen to clients and act on their feedback to help maintain the positive Cerner RevElate sentiments currently in the market. For those wondering about the new Cerner patient accounting strategy, the good news is that existing clients are feeling positive. These positive sentiments are driven by a belief that the strategy will help solve business challenges, confidence in the strategy overall and satisfaction with the communication delivered.

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