FierceHealthcare's Fierce 15 of 2020

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The consumer is the common thread among this year's FierceHealthcare Fierce 15. (FierceHealthcare)

If there is a theme among FierceHealthcare's second annual Fierce 15 honorees, it would be summed up in one word. 


It's the common thread among this year's winners, including a business seeking to make it easier for individuals to get lab testing by bringing it to their homes, startups seeking to improve access to treatments for everything from baldness to migraines to birth control, and a company seeking to take patients into the next era of genetic testing by partnering with providers, insurers and employers.

It's even part of the fabric of a company that provides voice-enabled, artificial intelligence-powered digital assistants to providers to help them complete tedious tasks so they can get back to the business of medicine.

Each of these companies—large and small—demonstrates an embrace of the patient as a consumer who is seeking a better experience from healthcare.

These companies have found big funding support for their efforts. In total, this year's 15 companies saw backing from the likes of Google, Kaiser Permanente, Serena Williams, Mark Cuban, Bono, Laurene Powell Jobs and more. That tallied up to more than $2 billion in funding and capital commitments, including Oscar's whopping $1.3 billion in funding.

We’re honoring this collection of companies around the U.S. that are trying to change the world by changing the healthcare industry. 

Check out our 2020 class of Fierce 15 Healthcare winners below and get inspired.

FierceHealthcare's Fierce 15 of 2020