Transgender telehealth company Plume expands to 4 additional states, now operating in 41 markets

Plume, the telehealth provider of transgender care, has expanded into four additional states, it announced Wednesday. 

Individuals can now access estrogen-based services through Plume in Idaho, Indiana, Montana and West Virginia. In total, the provider is now offering services in 41 states and claims to be the largest provider of trans care, reaching more than 93% of the trans population. 

Earlier this spring, Plume expanded to four other states. Its expansion has continued, the company highlighted in the latest press release, despite ongoing efforts by lawmakers to restrict or eliminate access to gender-affirming care. 

“Our goal has always been to transform healthcare for every trans life and make it accessible for all,” Jerrica Kirkley, M.D., co-founder and chief medical officer of Plume, said in the announcement. “When starting Plume, our team saw the potential telehealth technology had to overcome the social, physical and psychological barriers historically restricting transgender individuals from receiving care. With this new expansion and crossing the 80% mark of states in the U.S., Plume is realizing this potential to provide care for its community.”

As part of the latest announcement, the provider said it has also partnered with Wheeling City, West Virginia, councilwoman Rosemary Ketchum. Ketchum, who is the state’s first trans elected official, is partnering with Plume to speak about the importance of gender-affirming care in the state. 

“It’s with great pride that I get to partner with Plume as they expand into my home state of West Virginia,” Ketchum said in the announcement. “When I ran for office and was later elected, I sought to make a difference in my community, in part by improving the lives of trans folk across West Virginia. It’s organizations like Plume that aid that mission, as continuous studies show the importance and life-saving nature of gender-affirming care for the community.”

Individuals in Idaho, Indiana, Montana and West Virginia can access Plume through a $99 monthly subscription, which includes services like around-the-clock access to care (including hormone therapy and emotional support services), personal consultations and lab monitoring.