Practice Better adds new tools, billing integration for mental health practitioners

Practice Better, a practice management software vendor, is expanding its platform to better support the needs of mental health practitioners. 

The company is adding a range of mental health screening forms, client progress tracking tools and mental health templates with more specialized features to its platform. It has also teamed up with clearinghouse Claim.MD to add insurance billing integration to its platform. 

Providers can run real-time eligibility checks for coverage, submit claims and track their status, handle rejections, invoice clients and access real-time revenue management. Billing integration has been a top ask from customers, according to CEO Kim Walsh. 

“It’s really a critical piece to what our practitioners want as they grow their practice,” Walsh told Fierce Healthcare. The company’s goal with the addition is to save clinicians time, particularly when demand outstrips supply. 

The latest announcement builds on Practice Better’s other efforts to streamline efficiency. For instance, last December, it unveiled a new AI charting assistant to transcribe and summarize sessions. With that tool, practitioners are saving about six hours a week, per Walsh, “allowing practitioners to just do what they want to do. It’s so clear that they just want to spend time with their clients.” 

Practitioners using the platform can perform measurement-based care, Walsh explained. The approach means systematically collecting and analyzing patient-reported outcomes questionnaires to track patient progress over time. Practice Better users can access data analysis for any mental health assessment or form via a summary report functionality. The report allows for the analysis of multiple submissions for a given form and the ability to view trends in a patient’s responses over time.

The company has a customer advisory board as well as co-build and beta partners. It put together a team last fall that conducts mental health customer interviews to understand their needs and what else to bring to the platform. The newly added forms are customizable, with clients able to put their logos or business name on the forms, Walsh said. 

Practice Better's offerings allow customers to meet with and message clients securely online, track client progress, deliver self-paced educational content and coordinate care. Founded in 2017, it today serves more than 15,000 customers in more than 70 countries, in total reaching more than 1 million patients.