Practice Better launches AI tool to transcribe sessions, give time back to practitioners

Practice Better, an all-in-one practice management software platform, launched its take on an artificial intelligence charting assistant.

The AI tool is intended to give practitioners back critical face time with patients. It securely records, transcribes and summarizes client sessions in a practitioner’s charting workflow. The tool integrates with EHRs and complies with HIPAA, GDPR and other security regulations.

“We've been pretty excited by AI for quite some time and by the possibilities,” Practice Better CEO Kim Walsh told Fierce Healthcare. “Our customers want to save time.” 

Health professionals spend much time each session taking manual notes as they're trying to engage in meaningful discussions with patients, Walsh explained. Practitioners with whom Practice Better works report that post-session note-taking can require an average of six hours weekly. 

The AI assistant was created to transcribe and offer session summaries in a variety of formats. The tool also includes clear action items for both the practitioner and patient, who also has access to the Practice Better platform. The company offers a native telehealth platform as well as capabilities with Zoom. The AI assistant works with both, per Walsh. 

Practice Better, founded in 2017, today serves 15,000 customers in more than 70 countries, in total reaching more than 1 million patients. To gauge initial interest in such a tool, Practice Better surveyed its entire customer base. The positive response was resounding. 

Three-quarters of surveyed customers said they were ready for an AI tool like this. “Everyone in this industry really just wants to go back to their purpose,” Walsh said.

The company estimates that healthcare professionals can reduce the time spent on charting and documentation by 50%, streamlining practice management workflow and improving work-life balance. Practitioners can automatically pull session summaries into their chart notes and jump to key discussion points in the session recording for reference.

Earlier this summer, Practice Better acquired That Clean Life, a Toronto-based nutrition planning tool for health and wellness professionals. Last week, the company announced the tool’s integration into its platform, allowing recipes and meal plans to be embedded into treatment plans.