Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drugs, Expion Health team to address specialty drug costs

Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company has inked its latest partnership, joining forces with Expion Health to address the rising cost of specialty drugs.

Cost Plus Drugs' pricing model will integrate into Expion's dynamic pricing technology, harnessing the power of both for speciality medications. Expion's tool and Cost Plus Drugs' approach together "equips payers with a sophisticated tool for navigating this modern landscape," the companies said in the announcement.

There is a significant need and appetite for innovation in specialty pharmacy, the partners said, as these drugs account for more than half of drug spending despite accounting for a small portion of prescriptions.

"In today's environment, where specialty drug prices are skyrocketing, our relationship with Cost Plus Drugs embodies our commitment to provide efficient, cost-effective solutions," Chris Westbrook, chief client officer at Expion Health, said in the release. "Together, we're reshaping the narrative around drug costs, setting a new industry standard."

The partners have a "shared vision" for overhauling specialty pharmacy, according to the announcement, and they're optimistic that things will change.

"We are excited to work with Expion Health to bring lower prescription drug prices to consumers," said Alex Oshmyansky, CEO of Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company, in the release. "Cost Plus Drugs and Expion Health share a common goal of providing consumers the lowest possible price for their prescription medication. With Cost Plus Drugs, consumers can be confident they are getting a fair price and the convenience of medication mailed directly to their homes."