GOP’s 'repeal and replace' position fraught with political concerns

For years, Republican lawmakers have advocated for a “repeal and replace” approach to President Barack Obama’s landmark healthcare legislation, but according to the Associated Press, that hardlined policy shift is rife with new political concerns now that more Americans have health coverage.

Despite continued opposition from the GOP, provisions of the Affordable Care Act have helped drive the uninsured rate to an eight-year low and made healthcare more affordable for low-income individuals. These benefits could complicate the party’s “repeal and replace” platform heading into the November elections.

Political experts told the AP that Republicans who still want to repeal the ACA will need a formidable plan ready to slot in its place--one that maintains some of the popular aspects of the law, such as allowing individuals with pre-existing conditions to obtain coverage, or subsidies that make premiums more affordable. An analysis of Donald Trump’s healthcare reform plan indicates his policy would leave 18 million people uninsured.

Although many Republican lawmakers are still committed to the original platform, some experts believe “repeal and replace” efforts will be more subdued, eliminating certain aspects of the law, such as employer coverage requirements, while maintaining tax credits and protections for those with preexisting conditions.   

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