CareFirst unveils new virtual primary care practice, CloseKnit

young woman consulting with doctor using smartphone for telehealth visit
CareFirst is launching a virtual primary care practice. (Geber86/GettyImages)

Blues insurer CareFirst is launching a new virtual primary care practice called CloseKnit.

CloseKnit will offer a slew of healthcare services in a virtual-first delivery model, including preventive care, urgent care, behavioral health care, care coordination and insurance navigation.

Services are available through an app and are built to be affordable and transparently priced, according to the announcement. In-person care is provided through referrals to local providers.

“Our transformation of healthcare means we’re looking at every aspect of the system that impacts our members and their ability to access quality care and taking action to make positive change for them,” said Brian Pieninck, president and CEO of CareFirst, in a statement.

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“We created CloseKnit because people deserve an enhanced, modern care experience that meets their expectations, needs and preferences for choice in how they connect and experience care. Nearly 40% of our members don’t have a primary care doctor," Pieninck said. "CloseKnit helps fill critical gaps for many patients, particularly those who lack a PCP, including expanding our valued network of providers and making it easy to access the care they seek 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

CloseKnit's app is available for download on both the Google Android and Apple stores, CareFirst said. It is open every day around the clock and is staffed by high-quality providers.

All CareFirst commercial members will have access to CloseKnit's care, according to the announcement.

"Helping people understand the value of primary care, how to navigate the healthcare system and what things will cost ahead of time is core to our mission: providing accessible, affordable and comprehensive care to people with transparency and accountability," said Mary Jane Favazza, CEO of CloseKnit, in a statement.