Humana's military website goes mobile

The military is where it's at for mHealth these days. We told you earlier this month about early results from a mobile/smartphone project the Veterans Administration is touting. Now Humana Military has announced its popular TRICARE and Humana-military websites have gone mobile.

The subsidiary of health insurer Humana Inc., has now enabled its primary websites for access from iPhones, Android and BlackBerry smartphones. The idea: Allow soldiers to manage their TRICARE and other military health accounts wirelessly. They can locate approved providers and check their eligibility for services, among other tasks. Humana hasn't specified whether the mobile capability extends to the iPad, but does say it's enabled for "tablet" devices, so we'll see.

"Our new mobile services provide much needed flexibility beyond traditional desktop computers. We're excited about our new mobile website, and we hope military users will find it very helpful," Dave Baker, president and CEO of Humana Military said in an announcement.

This isn't TRICARE's first mobile move, however. The military insurance provider made an under-the-radar announcement last fall that it was developing a new app and/or mobile website for its beneficiaries, and even asked them to write in their preferred functions. The big winners: Eligibility/pre-authorizations, EOB notifications and provider contact options.

For more information:
- check out this Humana announcement
- read these quick tips from TRICARE and Humana Military Healthcare Services (.pdf)
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