Sway Medical Advances Concussion Awareness

Sway Medical Advances Concussion Awareness

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, the company revolutionizing medical on mobile, today announced immediate general availability of its ™ iOS mobile app. In the event of an athletic injury where concussion is suspected, medical professionals can administer the Sway Balance™ test directly on the sidelines.

The Sway Balance™ app is immediately available for download in the Apple iOS App Store for medical professionals and distributors. Sway Medical recently announced its Series A funding round led by individual angel investors and the OKAngel Sidecar Fund.

In nearly every major sport, increased awareness combined with new data is forcing decision makers to evaluate current policy toward diagnosing and treating concussions. Research released earlier this month by studied injuries in the 14 most popular sports. Concussions accounted for 163,000 emergency room visits, or a concussion-related ER visit every three minutes.

Furthering the need for new policy, athletes between the ages 12 to 15 make up nearly half of sports-related concussions. , younger children with concussions take longer to recover than older children.

“The data continues to demonstrate that, as a society, we have really been understating the prevalence and long-term effects of concussions suffered by athletes,” said Chase Curtiss, Founder and CEO of Sway Medical. “We are changing an entire industry. It will take time and perseverance; however, the progress we are making in 2013 ensures the next generation of young athletes and professionals are presented with the best available technology options to diagnose and ultimately prevent concussions.”

Sway Balance™ is a mobile medical diagnostics tool that provides medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, athletic trainers and physical therapists with a high-tech, mobile alternative to the standard pen and paper diagnostic tests currently used.

Sway Balance™ software can detect instability from a head injury. Athlete’s simply hold a mobile device against their chest and perform clinical balance movements. A balance score quickly evaluates total stability on a 100-point scale, with 100 being well balanced. An athlete’s data is then displayed on the mobile device to evaluate progress and trends over time, providing improved quality of care for athletes. Athletes and their families will also be able to download the app to review results, track trends, and self-administer prescribed Sway Balance™ tests.

Healthcare administrators and medical professionals can visit for purchase. Sway Balance™ is available for a limited time for an introductory rate of $199 per annual subscription.

Sway Medical is the company that is revolutionizing medical on mobile. The company’s flagship product is Sway Balance™, an FDA-cleared software application that revolutionizes the way athletes and patients are monitored for signs of musculoskeletal, neurological and vestibular dysfunction using any iOS mobile device. For more information, please visit .