Computer training program helps vets with PSTD; Florida Partnership for TeleHealth gets grant to expand programs in state;

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> A computer training program that focuses on attention control helped to lower combat veterans' symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. The program, created by researchers from the National Institute of Mental Health and Tel Aviv University, teaches those using it that threatening stimuli are not important when it comes to performing a task. Announcement

> A $100,000 grant will help the Florida Partnership for TeleHealth create telemedicine programs in north Florida. The grant was awarded to the nonprofit by the Health Resources and Services Administration. Announcement

> An open-sources Web application is helping researchers and clinicians learn more about cancer genetics. The tool, created by Brown University computer scientists, lets users search, and annotate public cancer genetics datasets. Announcement

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> A new study presents some troubling findings when it comes to the rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs in hospitals across the country. The antibiotic-resistant bacteria, once thought to be less "fit" than other strains, in fact survive better and cause more deadly infections, according to the findings. Article

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> Healthcare stocks are on a roll, according to MarketWatch, which concluded that the S&P 500 healthcare stock sector has outperformed the broader S&P every year for the past five years. Indeed, Bloomberg reported that healthcare stocks are up 12 percent in value during the 2015 calendar year. And the healthcare portion of the S&P 500 represents $3 trillion in value, or roughly 15 percent of the index's entire value. Article

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