Here is the Final Four for #FierceMadness Health Buzzwords Tournament

(Rebecca Willumson)

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We finally have our #FierceMadness Healthcare Buzzwords Tournament Final Four. 

And while it may not be a Michigan State-upsets-Duke-level matchup, it was still a surprise to see "artificial intelligence"—which beat out "blockchain" in a previous round—fall to "big data."

As one of our voters explained: "I feel like AI at least has some concrete connotation, even if it not even close to being fully realized. Big data is just an abstract mess that people throw around to seem important." 

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Although we're sure there are plenty of data scientists out there who would disagree, another voter doubled down: "AI is at least a concept. Big Data is just silly. It's like the big salad. It's still a salad!" 

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Here's a look at what else our 124 voters had to say in this round: 

  • "Breaking down silos" fell to the ultimate hype word—"disruption"—which got 60% of your votes. As one of our voters explained: "Everyone is "disrupting the ____ industry." Very few actually are."

    And while the word has been used in tech for a while, there has been a clear uptick in its use in healthcare. "Disruption is now more overused particularly with Amazon/JPMC/Berkshire, Apple, Google, Telehealth generating more noise every day," one of our voters said. 

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  • Value proposition beat out outcomes-based with 55% of the votes. "Value usually means 'spend a lot of money'," one of you wrote.

    "Value proposition is pure sales speak—it means nothing," another said.

  • Interoperability won over opioid crisis with 60% of the vote. We didn't get feedback from voters on this matchup. But in previous rounds, voters said "the opioid crisis is something we should talk about more," not less. 

    Meanwhile, voters also told us interoperability was clearly the desired outcome, but a "fairy tale" unless all players become willing to commit. "If Apple and Microsoft can do it, so should healthcare. We should stop talking about it and just get it done," one of our voters said. 

Round 5 of voting is open, and we need your help figuring out which two will head to our championship! Vote by 11:59 on Tuesday.

And don't forget to tweet us your thoughts on what is headed to the championship @FierceHealth.



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