#FierceMadness: Blockchain, interoperability move on to the Sweet 16

(Rebecca Willumson)

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By now, your March Madness basketball brackets are probably all busted.

But if you're one of the many following the #FierceMadness Health Buzzwords Tournament rooting for "blockchain," you are still solidly in this game.

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With 229 of you weighing in, "blockchain" solidly beat out the internet of things (IoT), earning 80% of the votes as one of the most overused buzzwords.

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Here's a look at the other words or terms advancing to the Sweet 16 this week.   

In our technology category: 

  • "Artificial intelligence" demolished "phishing" by a long shot: 83% to 17%.
  • "Telehealth" won out over "APIs" with 57% of the votes.
  • "Big data" beat "wearables" with 65% of you backing it.

In our marketing category: 

  • A few of this FierceHealthcare writer’s favorites got knocked off in this category. "Disruption" pushed out "transformative" with 52% of the votes, while "personalized medicine" was eliminated after "synergies" garnered 53% of your votes.
  • Voters have heard the word "platform" just a little too often, knocking "megamerger" out of the tournament with 63% of the votes.
  • "Patient-centered" was popular in the first round, but it wasn’t enough to keep it in the game against that favorite phrase “breaking down silos,” which got 52% of the votes.

In our care models category: 

  • "Continuum of care" knocked out "ACO" from the competition with 55% of the votes. 
  • It wasn’t even close when it came to "value proposition." It got 77% of your votes against safety net “__” (as in safety net hospital, safety net program, safety net pharmacies, safety net surcharge, etc. …) 
  • "Social determinants" might be getting more attention from federal and commercial payers in recent months. But it wasn’t enough to overcome "patient engagement," which got 57% of your votes. 
  • "Outcomes-based" beat out "integration" 58% to 42%.

In our policy category:

  • "Interoperability" beat "Medicare for all" 65.5% to 34.5%.
  • "Market-driven reforms" beat out "pilot" with 60% of the votes.
  • "Incentives" were the strong winner in the matchup with "middlemen," getting 79% of the votes.
  • "Opioid crisis" advanced another round, this time knocking out "kickbacks" with 72% of the votes.

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Today, we launch the Sweet 16 portion of the tournament, and we need your votes to help narrow this down. Voting is open starting now through 11:59 on Tuesday evening. We'll announce the eight remaining words to advance to the next round on Wednesday. 

Don't forget to tweet us your brackets at @FierceHealthcare!

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