#FierceMadness Health Buzzwords Tournament: It's championship time

(Christin Lawrence)

Voting is now open.

Big data and value proposition.

From 64 words and terms that we all use far too often, it's come down to these two, and it's finally time to vote on the #FierceMadness Health Buzzwords Tournament champion.

It was a fierce matchup. While value proposition handily beat interoperability with 61% of the vote, it was a nail-biter between big data and disruption. In the end, big data was the victor with 51% of your votes. 

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"Big Data moved from a descriptor of enormous data sets with the potential to help inform decisions to a way to scare executives into buying unproven tech solutions," one of our voters explained. 

But a voter pushing for disruption said: "Using a negative word in a positive way was unique and attention-getting at first, now every startup uses it so it's lost its effectiveness."

When it came to the matchup between value proposition and interoperability, plenty of you pointed to the fact that—at least, in theory—interoperability means something.

"Interoperability is, at least, a goal. Value proposition is nothing but buzz-speak," one voter wrote.

We have at least one disappointed voter who saw both of their picks, disruption and interoperability, eliminated in the final four.

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"How apropos to have the final be "disruptive interoperability" which is would be the ultimate buzzword pipedream," they said. 

Alas, it wasn't to be. 

But big data or value proposition will be—and that's where our readers come in.

Voting is now open and will remain open until Sunday at 11:59 p.m. Make sure to vote before then. Tell us who you're voting for on Twitter at @FierceHealth and what words you think should've made the cut this year.