Introduces Social Health Networking

Leading Online & Mobile Health Company Launches Cloud-based Health Collaboration Platform; Now Supports Sharing, Online Communities & Clinical Integration

SAN FRANCISCO, July 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- TheCarrot announced today the availability of social networking capabilities for its users to share their personal health information with other individuals, online communities and their health care providers. Now users of TheCarrot can have the best of both worlds, strict privacy control and the benefits of collaboration.

With TheCarrot, users can now share their health information to get the social & clinical support they need to achieve their health goals. Users can choose what information to share and who can see it. For example, a user can choose to participate in TheCarrot's online diabetes community and share glucose levels with other participants. Patients can share symptoms and clinical details with their physicians, and daily exercise for their employer's wellness competition. TheCarrot provides full transparency and gives users complete control over their own privacy settings and the sharing of any personal health information.

TheCarrot's Health Collaboration Platform gives health and wellness professionals the tools they need to monitor and manage their clients' health results and outcomes.  Whether it's keeping track of post-surgery patients for adverse readmission events, compliance with physical therapy regimens, or medical research, TheCarrot's Health Collaboration Platform allows health professionals to prescribe health programs, manage patient participation, and view their progress.

"We're using TheCarrot to collaborate with teenagers with obesity and depression to help them follow through with a personal self-management plan," said Hali Hammer, MD, Professor of Clinical Family and Community Medicine, UC San Francisco School of Medicine. "TheCarrot has made it easy for us to manage our patients' progress and participation in their treatment plans in real time."

"We're excited to allow our members to collaborate about their health in new and meaningful ways with their health care team," said Douglas Trauner, CEO of Health Analytic Services, Inc. "Using TheCarrot, health care providers, clinics, pharmacies, and insurance companies can quickly and easily offer health management services such as readmission reduction programs or health coaching services for their patients or members."

About Health Analytic Services, Inc.

Health Analytic Services, Inc. creates solutions that enable individuals to take charge of their health and well-being. The company's award winning product,, provides intuitive, real-time web and smartphone applications across a range of health objectives such as Physical Fitness, Heart Health, Diabetes, Smoking Cessation, and Weight Management. Individuals can track and manage their progress for thousands of health measures and can keep their information private, or share with others including care providers, family members or individuals within TheCarrot's online communities. TheCarrot's Health Collaboration Platform allows healthcare providers, employers, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and research organizations to easily create, publish, and manage public or private collaborative health topics for their patients or members.