RDT's Tempus IC Scoops ShowBoat Design and Technology Award 2010

Ft. Lauderdale - Oct. 29, 2010 - MedAire partner RDT-the leader in telemedicine for aviation, maritime and remote land locations-is pleased to have been awarded the ShowBoat Design and Technology Award 2010 for its unique remote medical monitor, Tempus IC, which empowers yacht captains and crew to provide rapid and accurate diagnosis in the event of a medical emergency.

The award is presented to the manufacturer of the most innovative technology and is judged by a distinguished group of superyacht owners, internationally renowned designers and industry professionals. Tempus IC was among some 200 nominations and won on the basis of its ability to transmit real-time vital signs data to land-based doctors.

The Tempus is a small and high-end portable monitor designed specifically for use by non medical personnel. It is the only fully integrated device capable of simultaneously transmitting the data for vital signs, including full diagnostic 12-lead ECG, breath gas analysis, respiration and blood-oxygen levels, along with voice and video pictures. Its built-in Wi-Fi, mobile, satellite and Bluetooth links provide captains and crew with real-time expert advice from on-shore medics to help manage even the most stressful medical incident.

Following its successful launch in 2008, Tempus IC has significantly improved the quality of on-board medical care for over 125 yachts as well as thousands of privately owned and commercial aircraft. RDT's extensive customer base has trusted Tempus technology for ten years to help retain control of every medical emergency.

Glen Taylor, RDT's Global Maritime Sales Manager comments: "RDT is absolutely thrilled to win this prestigious industry award and it is testament to our hard-working design, manufacturing and customer service team in being able to bring this latest, market-leading and life-saving technology to the maritime and remote market. Having worked in this industry for four years, the reaction I get to our technology is incredible; nothing else comes close to what we are able to deliver! "

For more information about the award, please visit: http://www.rdtltd.com

If you would like further information about RDT Ltd and a full product demonstration, please contact Glen Taylor: +44 7825 219719 or e-mail: [email protected]

About RDT Ltd

Founded in 1997, RDT Ltd specialises in compact and highly integrated vital signs monitors for non-medically trained, intermittent and professional users. Its robust communications technology enables the simultaneous transmission of medical data, voice and video from remote and isolated locations - including in-flight and at sea ­­- to land-based medical experts. With an impressive customer base including leading airlines (Virgin Atlanticc, bmi, Emirates, V Australia), Fortune 500 companies, commercial shipping, luxury yachts and military, RDT has established a reputation for reliability and excellence, continuing to push boundaries with its state of the art engineering and design capabilities.