NIMH, Policy Makers and CNS Research Leaders Speak on the Bridge from Mental Health Research to Policy

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The International Society for CNS Clinical Trials and Methodology (ISCTM) gathered in Washington, D.C. last week to discuss some of the most important issues facing neurology and psychiatry today. As part of the 7th Annual Meeting, during the Research-to-Policy Forum, government and industry researchers debated the impact of national health reform on mental health care. “Understanding the viewpoints of a diverse group of stakeholders is critical for developing a more rational approach to determining how (and how much) the private and public sectors should invest in clinical research,” according to Dr. Ramy Mahmoud, Chief Operating Officer at OptiNose.

In addition, the society devoted a full day to the increasing importance of personalized medicine and the impact biomarkers will have on patient treatments in the future. A session on “Developing Products for Personalized Medicine: Facing the Challenges of Biomarkers” covered the challenges of integrating biomarkers into the drug development process. According to Karl Broich, MD from the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices in Germany, “Planning for wider introduction of biomarkers into clinical practice raises difficult challenges for clinical trial design, analysis and interpretation. For the best chance of success, it is critical that these issues be discussed thoughtfully with all relevant parties at the table.” Dr. Broich co-chaired the session with Dr. Larry Alphs from Johnson & Johnson. They were joined by a panel of speakers including: Dr. Robert Epstein, Medco Research Institute; Drs. Janet Woodcock, and Tom Laughren, FDA; Dr. Linda Brady, NIMH; Dr. James Creeden, Roche; and Dr. Harald Hampel, Johann Wolfgang University;

Other topics covered at this year’s meeting:

  • Developing new treatments for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and reviewing the most recent data regarding amyloid treatments.
  • Understanding Class Labeling and its implications for patient treatment.

The ISCTM will convene again, 3-4 October 2011 - Preliminary Agenda and Details.

About ISCTM: The ISCTM gathers representatives from clinical and academic specialties, the pharmaceutical industry, and regulatory bodies to evaluate critical clinical and public-health challenges twice annually. It examines the development of novel treatments for major psychiatric and neuropsychiatric disorders and works to support advances in methods for evaluating treatments that are scientifically sound, ethical, and feasible.


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