MEDL Mobile Offers Free iPhone Solution to AT&T's MMS Woes

LOS ANGELES, July 15, 2009 - MEDL Mobile, Inc. (, a leader in mobile application development, is making their photo and drawing chat app, Doodle Chat, free for all iPhone and iTouch users. Doodle Chat allows users to communicate by doodling messages back and forth, by sending photos, drawing on photos, adding captions, and more.

"The new Apple 3.0 iPhone Operating System supports image-based MMS chatting, but AT&T has delayed it here in the U.S.," said MEDL Mobile Co-Founder Dave Swartz. "So we decided to make Doodle Chat free to fill the gap. Besides, it's a whole lot better."

Doodle Chat has been in the top 25 social networking apps on the App Store. With the increased demand created by AT&T's delaying of photo-based messaging, MEDL believes the app will break into the coveted top 10.

"It's been really fun to see how people are using the app," added Swartz. "It was originally built as a tool for creative collaboration, but the most rewarding use I've seen so far is my four-year-old son who uses it to chat with his five-year-old cousin."

About MEDL Mobile, Inc.

MEDL Mobile builds Shiny MEDL Objects - mobile applications that fascinate, entertain, connect and empower their users. They're fun, fascinating and make people smile. MEDL has several applications available on the Apple App Store - These include: the top-ranked App Incubator, the note-passing, collaborative drawing application Doodle Chat, and InBetween - which uses Google Maps to find a midpoint meeting spot between two iPhone users.