Medica Partners with HealthInsight to Deliver Value-Based Benefit Programs for its Commercial Business

New Program to Proactively Manage Employee Health and Reduce HealthCare Costs

Minneapolis - June 24, 2010 - Today, Medica, a leading health care insurance provider headquartered in Minneapolis, and HealthInsight, provider of the leading value-based healthcare incentive platform announced that they have partnered to deliver a next generation value-based benefit program to Medica's commercial customers.
Under the agreement, Medica will deploy HealthInsight's proprietary value-based technology, including personalized scorecards, to its commercial customers with a program that delivers better quality of care and experience for members while reducing medical costs.

The new program allows members to follow the status of their health in a simplified manner by creating personalized scorecards with personalized health actions. The scorecard will also:

  • Provide information for required preventive services based on age and gender
  • Proactively identify individuals at risk for chronic conditions and those with existing chronic conditions
  • Track individual compliance with their personalized set of health actions

Members in compliance with their personalized health actions will be eligible for financial rewards.

Simeon Schindelman, SVP Commercial Markets said, "It is critical to address the challenge of rising health costs which, if left unchecked, cannot be sustained. Our exclusive partnership with HealthInsight allows us to be the only health plan in our market to offer customers an innovative program in which individuals can stay on the path of wellness via a set of personalized health actions focused on preventive care and chronic condition management. Our goal is to decrease healthcare costs and improve employee health."

"We firmly believe that preventive care is the foundation for staying healthy, and our value-based programs provide the tools and technologies to reduce costs and improve employee health," said HealthInsight CEO Martin Watson. "In teaming with Medica, we will help empower their customers to make meaningful choices toward leading a healthier life. Medica and HealthInsight share the common goals of delivering improved quality of care and reducing health care costs."

Today, as much as 70 percent of total medical expenses are a direct result of lifestyle choices. In many cases, individuals allow chronic conditions to go untreated until treatment options become limited, quality of life suffers and the financial burden of addressing the disease increases. Using HealthInsight's preventive care approach, members enrolled in Medica's new program will be able to take a proactive stance toward health management, make smart choices, and manage their overall health as well as reduce the cost of healthcare.