International Drug & Explosives Detection Company IDenta Corp. Announces Launch of New E-Commerce Website

JERUSALEM, May 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- IDenta Corp. (PINKSHEETS: IDTA) CEO Yaacov Shoham today announced that the company has launched a new e-commerce retail website.

The domain of this new website is

This domain is a very strong one and in many searches it will show up as first or second choice.

Kits to test substances for the presence of cocaine/crack, marijuana/hashish and mdma/ecstasy are available to the general public (employers, school administrators, worried parents, etc.). Also available is IDenta's flagship test kit, the General Drug Screening multi-drug test kit. This kit will test most any substance for the presence of any one of 21 different illicit drugs.

IDenta Corp. kits are extremely safe for use, as there is no direct contact with the chemical components in the test. All of the test reagents are contained within crushable glass ampoules in specially designed protective plastic casings. The entire test is performed in a completely sealed system. IDenta drug testing kits are specifically designed for "at home" testing, meaning no previous experience is needed, just follow the simple instructions in the manual.

Commented Mr. Shoham, "We are very excited to make these test kits available to the general public. IDenta is the only company that is able to supply kits for the retail market to check suspected substances. No other company has the General Drug Screening Kit and other kits to detect specific drugs like cocaine, crack, marijuana/hashish, ecstasy, etc."

The new website has links to You Tube, Twitter and Facebook that are aimed at providing more information concerning these kits and the use of these kits.

The new website also has an affiliate program that will pay owners of the affiliate websites for any purchase made through their websites. See details at

"IDenta's entire product line may be found at and .


Since 2003, IDenta Corporation has been recognized as a worldwide leader in the development of proprietary on-site drug, drug precursor and explosive detection kits. IDenta develops, manufactures and distributes products for both the professional and civil markets which consistently pass the highest qualifications and testing procedures of law enforcement and security agencies around the world.


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