And, more than 50 percent of doctors and patients believe those using online health tools to complement the care process are more engaged in healthcare overall.


TORONTO, CANADA, October 4, 2010 - More than 70 percent of doctors and patients utilize online health tools, on some level, at all stages  in the healthcare continuum - from prevention to diagnosis, treatment and tracking to education and information gathering. According to a recent U.S.-based study by IMI HealthcareTM, more than 80 percent of doctors report using online tools to supplement paper and electronic charts. This same study found, however, that about 70 percent see greater collaborative potential in clinical, financial and/or administrative areas, but less than half of both populations are using such tools to connect with each other today. The key issue is how to give patients and doctors what they want.

 WHO: IMI Healthcare, a subsidiary of IMI International

 WHAT: Release of IMI Healthcare Voice of the Market Report: Comparison of Patient and Physician Perceptions of Online Health Tools

 WHERE: The Health 2.0 Conference - Hilton San Francisco - IMI Healthcare Booth #23

 WHEN: Thursday, October 7 and Friday, October 8, 2010

"The high level of trust in information accessed via online health tools will pave the way for a long-term role in understanding and managing care within the healthcare process," according to Julia Zarb, president of IMI Healthcare. "By starting with insight into what matters most to those using online health tools, we can work to turn insight into strategy - and into actionable results in the healthcare market."

The report is based on a study conducted in September 2010 by IMI Healthcare. The figures in the study represent responses to 24 question areas by 117 patients and 52 general practitioners in the United States. The two groups were surveyed to understand and compare their attitudes and behavior surrounding online health tools.

To view the full report, please contact Julia Zarb at [email protected] or 800.784.5757 x212.

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