Consumers' Use, Preference and Expectations of Hospital Social Media

Consumers' Use, Preference and Expectations of Hospital Social Mediais the first in the Decision Support Series from YouGov Healthcare.   The report examines consumer expectations of hospital social media presence, and how that presence impacts consumers' perceptions of hospitals and hospital selection.  The report also looks at the changing demographics of likely hospital social media audiences. Report topline results:

  • 57 % said that a social media connection with a hospital was likely to have a strong impact on their decision to seek treatment at that hospital.
  • One in four consumers said that they are likely to connect with hospitals in the future. 
  • Those most likely to connect are women between the age of 36 and 64
  • 81% of consumers believe that if a hospital has a strong social media presence, they are likely to be more cutting edge, creating a halo effect across clinical functions

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