Assisted Living Facilities: The First Step to Evaluating Quality

Choosing assisted living facilities can be overwhelming - there are many factors to consider and the choice is often an emotional one; before researching any centers, be sure to note the first important step in the evaluation process

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Sept. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Researching assisted living facilities for loved ones can be overwhelming with the large amount of choices, the associated costs and the stress of putting a parent in the care of someone else. Although there are many areas to evaluate, recommends that the research should begin with the medication disbursement and the health care provided.

When visiting assisted living facilities, information should be provided about how medication is stored and what assistance is given when administering to residents. It is important to find out what training and supervision the staff receives and how the records are kept. Also find out if medication can be self-administered and what the policies are regarding these items.

Many residents have special needs and assisted living facilities offer a variety of services. When evaluating each, a person should consider their specific needs. They should find out if there is staff that coordinates home care visits from a nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist or other professional care providers. Also find out whether there is staff available that assists residents who experience memory loss, have trouble with orientation or judgment.

When looking into assisted living facilities, it is also important to learn what kind of staff is attending to the residents. Learn whether a nurse or physician is checking on the resident regularly and what medical checkups are provided. Find out about the schedule and what the procedure is for responding to a medical emergency of a resident.

After learning about these important areas, then the home should be evaluated based on other areas. People should look into items such as the feel of the community, what additional services are provided and the contracts and costs of assisted living facilities.

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