The 5 best-paying jobs in healthcare

A Surgeon Sugery
A new salary report finds that orthopedic surgeon is the highest-paid profession in healthcare, earning an average of $475,000.

It’s good to be an orthopedic surgeon. The profession leads the list of the highest paid healthcare jobs in 2017, according to new salary data from a leading professional network site.

Although another survey released by an online job recruiting website earlier this year found physicians lead the list of highest-paying jobs among all professions in the country, the latest Linkedin salary data takes a look at the top 15 earners in the healthcare industry.

Orthopedic surgeons rank number one, netting an average of $475,000, according to the report.


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Following close behind are surgeons and cardiologists; each earn an average of $400.000.

Radiologists come in at number four, making an average of $373,000.

In the fifth spot are anesthesiologists, who make $368,000 a year.

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But not all of the top earners require years of expensive medical training. The report finds that high earners also have roles in business development, marketing and product management. For example, global marketing directors earned $233,000 and the 11th spot on the list and senior directors of development made $225,000 and came in at 14.

It may seem surprising that healthcare CEOs and other execs don’t fall anywhere in the list, considering that many earn six- or seven-figure salaries. LinkedIn said it excluded C-suite level jobs from the analysis. In order for a title to be considered, LinkedIn said it must have had 20 or more salary reports from LinkedIn members.


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