Academic medical centers team up with Google to bolster machine learning and predictive analytics

Google HQ building
Three large academic medical centers have announced partnerships with Google to advance machine learning.

Several large academic medical centers are teaming up with one of the country's largest consumer tech companies to provide a boost to healthcare analytics.

The University of Chicago Medicine recently announced a new partnership with Google aimed at using machine learning to predict hospitalizations and identify instances where a patient’s health is declining, according to the Chicago Tribune. Google analysts will use data in the medical center’s EHR system to build on the hospital's internal algorithm called eCART that predicts whether a patient is at risk for cardiac arrest.

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The partnership reflects Google’s growing interest in the healthcare industry and the analytics support it can provide hospitals and health systems that are already exploring the use of machine learning. The University of California San Francisco recently announced a partnership with Google highlighting the company’s advanced computational capabilities.

Atul Butte, director of the Institute of Computational Health Sciences at UCSF told CNBC the collaboration is “more of a scientific collaboration around improving the quality of care for patients.”

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Last summer, Stanford Medicine announced it was teaming up with Google Genomics that would allow developers to build cloud-based applications to support precision medicine and tap into Google’s cloud infrastructure to share genomic databases. Last week, Partners HealthCare announced a 10-year partnership with GE to build and commercialize AI for the healthcare industry.