TytoCare software update will allow patients to see more providers, collect vitals before visit

Telehealth company TytoCare has released a major update to its Home Smart Clinic software to benefit patients’ ability to access primary, specialty and urgent care across care networks and make the telehealth visit experience more seamless. 

TytoCare’s Home Smart Clinic device enables clinicians to conduct medical exams remotely for primary and urgent care visits. Through the de-identified data collected from their patients, TytoCare software can help providers accurately diagnose conditions without seeing the patient in person. 

The seventh update to its software will increase the number of providers a patient can connect with, provide a sharing link for each appointment and allow patients to capture vital signs data before their visit. The update will be rolled out in the coming months to providers and patients, the company said.

Its new fully integrated experience allows patients to use the Home Smart Clinic device with various care modalities and provider networks. If a patient needs to use a different provider network for an after-hours visit, they will still be able to use TytoCare and its device to conduct a visit to access a range of virtual primary, specialty and urgent care options. 

Patients will now be able to share a link to their exams with other TytoCare providers as well as as other physicians which boosts integration of the care platform with a broader provider network for patients to utilize.

The new software update allows patients to collect and transmit vital signs before a scheduled visit with their provider, which can reduce overall visit time by 35%, TytoCare found. 

The home exam feature will be supported by TytoCare’s new virtual care guide called Emma, a new technology feature that also assists with onboarding patients. 

“In order for telehealth to work, it has to be able to be used by a range of payers and providers, seamlessly integrate with their existing systems and workflows, and be convenient and engaging for patients,” Dedi Gilad, CEO and co-founder of TytoCare said in a statement. “This release levels up the Home Smart Clinic by making it compatible across care networks; enabling provider efficiency and collaboration; and engaging patients for greater ease of use.”