Strive Health teams with portable dialysis machine maker Outset Medical for home-based services

patient uses Outset Medical’s portable dialysis machine
Strive Health will use Outset Medical’s portable dialysis machine, called the Tablo hemodialysis system, to provide patients with kidney care services at their homes. (Outset Medical)

Fast-growing startup Strive Health is teaming up with another disrupter in the kidney care space to expand patient access to home-based hemodialysis services.

Strive Health will use Outset Medical’s portable dialysis machine, called the Tablo hemodialysis system, to provide patients with kidney care services at their homes. 

Designed for total care of chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease in a value-based setting, Strive Health aims to slow the progression of kidney disease with an approach that combines advanced technology with in-person patient care.

The company works with patients' primary care physicians and nephrologists to manage their care while providing access to predictive analytics, telehealth services and education on home dialysis options. The company leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to offer patients direct and virtual clinical services, home dialysis education and training, and advanced care planning. 

Strive recently launched a dialysis facility in Owensboro, Kentucky, focused on kidney disease management and home dialysis using Outset's Tablo.

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Outset's Tablo hemodialysis system is designed to serve as a standalone unit. While traditional machines may require a connection to an outside source of clean water, the Tablo unit includes integrated water purification hardware, allowing it to run off of tap water and a basic electrical outlet, Fierce Biotech reported.

It also employs prewired, single-use cartridges to reduce the number of steps and training required to set up the machine. The system can perform dialysis for as few as 30 minutes or as many as 24 hours.

“Tablo was designed to simplify dialysis, making it easier and more accessible for patients to take advantage of the safety, convenience and flexibility of dialyzing at home,” Outset Medical CEO Leslie Trigg said in a statement.

Outset Medical went public in September with a $241.7 million Nasdaq IPO.

Chris Riopelle, CEO of Strive Health, referred to Outset Medical as a "forward-thinking" technology company.

"The current standard of care for people living with kidney disease falls short for most patients. Kidney disease patients deserve access to better, intuitive technology. Solutions like Tablo will help us deliver on a differentiated patient experience," Riopelle said in a statement.

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Founded in 2018, Strive Health is among a crop of tech-enabled companies chasing a lucrative kidney care market. An estimate by Acumen Research and Consulting projects the global kidney dialysis market will grow at an annual rate around 5.7% and will reach a market value of over $124 billion by 2024.

The startup has raised $223.5 million in capital since its founding, including a recent $140 million haul backed by Alphabet’s independent growth fund CapitalG.

Currently, there is $410 billion of unmanaged kidney disease spend as the disease affects 37 million adults and is the nation’s ninth leading cause of death. 

The growing national spotlight on kidney care and the demand for value-based healthcare solutions has helped Strive more than double its presence in regional markets, according to the company.

It has scored partnerships with large payers and health systems. It joined forces with Humana to offer coordinated kidney care in Kentucky and Indiana and also struck a partnership with SSM Health, a 23-hospital health system serving the Midwest.