Report: Amazon plans jump into health devices with 'fitness tracking' wireless earbuds

Amazon is reportedly planning to give Apple a run for its money with its own version of wireless earbuds.

Amazon is working on "fitness tracking" earbuds that will be able to track measurements such as distance run, calories burned and pace of running, CNBC reported Monday, citing a source inside the company.

It would be Amazon's first official move into health devices, the news organization said.

I've reached out to Amazon for comment and will update you when I hear back.

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Amazon is already well entrenched in efforts to take on the healthcare space. 

Amazon—which is in the process of launching its healthcare firm Haven along with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase—owns online pharmacy PillPack and its nationwide pharmaceutical distribution network

In April, Amazon rolled out HIPAA-compliant skills for Alexa and announced the first six healthcare organizations, including Cigna and Atrium Health, now currently building voice skills that can securely transmit private patient health information. The U.K.’s National Health Service also partnered with Amazon to enable patients to access verified health information using Alexa devices.

Of course, it's among Amazon's competitive forays across multiple industries.

In June, Amazon executives said its new delivery drone for packages should be ready "within months," according to CNBC.