LabCorp makes test results accessible through Apple’s Health app

One of the largest commercial clinical laboratories in the country is making test results available to patients through Apple’s Health app.

LapCorp, which processes more than 2.5 million lab tests each week and encounters 115 million patients each year, announced that patients registered with the company’s patient portal are now able to access test results on their iPhone via the Health app.

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David King, chairman and CEO of LabCorp said integrating lab results onto the app “will help provide healthcare consumers with a more holistic view of their health.”

“Laboratory test results are central to medical decision making, and broadening access to this information will help patients take charge of their health and wellness, and lead to more informed dialogues between patients and their healthcare providers,” he added.

LabCorp is one of 118 healthcare organizations that have connected with Apple’s Health Records app unveiled earlier this year.

Last week, the lab reported $2.8 billion in third-quarter revenues, which were limited by a third-quarter ransomware attack and disruptions associated with Hurricane Florence.