Health IT Roundup—Dignity Health facing data breach investigation; CMS makes coverage tweak for diabetes tools

Dignity Health under investigation for breach affecting 56K

Dignity Health is under federal investigation after reporting a data breach impacting 56,000 patients.

The California health system reported the breach to the Office of Civil Rights on May 31 following an incident involving one of its vendors, Healthgrades, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. An email list formatted by the online scheduling vendor contained a sorting error that sent patient information to misaddressed emails. (San Francisco Chronicle)

CMS covers glucose monitors that pair with smartphones

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will change its coverage policy for continuous glucose monitors to include devices that pair with a smartphone. The agency announced the modification this week after reviewing input from numerous stakeholders that said coverage limitations prevented patients from sharing data with family and caregivers.

“After a thorough review of the law and our regulations, CMS is announcing that Medicare’s published coverage policy for CGMs will be modified to support the use of CGMs in conjunction with a smartphone, including the important data sharing function they provide for patients and their families,” CMS wrote. (Announcement)

Apple watch could help researchers track Parkinson’s symptoms

Software updates to the Apple Watch have improved the device’s ability to track tremors, making it a enticing new tool for researchers studying Parkinson’s Disease, CNBC reported. The new features could change the way Parkinson’s patients are treated, one researcher said, and it could help patients identify when they need to increase their medication. (CNBC)