Health Tech

Urgency Lies in Technology Management Solutions That Assure Patient Data Security

In this interview, Shash Anand, SVP of Product Strategy at SOTI discusses the current state of mobile technology integration in the healthcare space and the mission critical technology management that SOTI provides.

SOTI is the world’s most trusted provider of mobile device management solutions helping companies around the globe mobilize and optimize their mobile investments.

Because of the heightened urgency during the pandemic for streamlining remote work, adopting new technologies, enhancing telehealth and remoting monitoring for patient care, the shift to automation and increasing use of AI, has also brought a host of concerns.

There is an alarming imbalance between technological advancements and the necessary resources to manage and secure such devices. This leaves healthcare organizations exposed to operational issues, cyberattacks and data breaches.

Other issues exist around maintenance, lost time and efficiency, and most critically, suboptimal patient care. With 87% of respondents from SOTI’s healthcare report, The Technology Lifeline: Charting Digital Progress in Healthcare, stating that their biggest concern is the security of patient records in their organization, solutions for safety need to be widely implemented.

If healthcare organizations delay investing in modern devices and digitizing paper-based processes, they could face major hurdles including the financial burden of repairs, inefficient operations and reputational damage. IT leaders in the healthcare space need a secure mobility management tool that can help successfully guide them through the automation journey that they are looking for, regardless of their size, budget, or maturity.

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