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The future of Cerner revenue cycle is bright

As you may remember, Cerner introduced its new, go-forward patient accounting solution, Cerner RevElateTM Patient Accounting in October 2021. Cerner RevElate is designed to reduce redundant workflow tasks and allow your most valuable people to dedicate their time to higher-value efforts by providing automation and intelligence throughout the billing cycle. It is designed to preserve and advance the clinically driven capabilities of Cerner Millennium® while adding scalable, enterprise capabilities building on the foundation of Soarian® Financials.

Consolidation is taking place throughout the healthcare industry at an increasing rate, and Cerner RevElate is specifically designed to provide the flexibility to connect data from various venues of care, including newly acquired and integrated facilities that may be on disparate health IT systems.

So, how is it going? Is Cerner delivering what they committed to?

The answer is yes. Today, foundational components of the Cerner RevElate infrastructure, such as a cross-functional patient accounting system and embedded automation are live and in action at more than a dozen client sites. These clients are connecting the Soarian Financials® Patient Accounting backend to Cerner Millennium® registration and scheduling and the Cerner Millennium EHR through point-to-point interfaces. These foundational clients are looking forward to leveraging advanced web services integration, automation and clinically driven workflows that Cerner RevElate will bring them in the future. 

Clients embarking on a Cerner RevElate migration are bringing the proven Soarian® Financials capabilities forward with faster processing, advanced workflow management and a new user experience. As promised, the first wave of these advancements has been delivered to the beta client who is expected to complete full validation testing in the fall.

In the meantime, it is important to Cerner that clients have access to information about Cerner RevElate so that they can plan for adoption and feel secure in the new, go-forward patient accounting strategy that Cerner confidently stands behind. Cerner has given product demonstrations to more than 1,000 viewers with over half of those having had hands-on opportunities to speak with the Cerner teams building and implementing Cerner RevElate. Cerner has connected over 180 client contacts with the Cerner RevElate beta client to hear first-hand the experience and learnings with the foundational elements as well as the migration in process. 

Existing Cerner Millennium clients are actively committing to uplift to Cerner RevElate in the future, and others are choosing to begin their Cerner Revenue Cycle journey with Cerner RevElate

Stay tuned for more open communication and progress updates throughout 2022. The future is bright for Cerner revenue cycle clients. 

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