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3 Healthcare Marketing Tips for 2022

Find a Healthcare-Active Audience at Scale

Did you know that we are living in Generation Audio and everyone belongs? Digital audio attracts 193M listeners each month, reaching 68% of the total U.S. population. This mass adoption is led in large part by high-quality content, personalization, the ubiquity of high-speed internet, the popularity of podcasts, and 3D audio technology.

With unlimited audio and visual entertainment at our fingertips, there is no shortage of possible media partners for healthcare marketers. One of the many reasons marketers choose to work with SXM Media properties - Pandora, SiriusXM and Stitcher -  is the ability to reach a verified healthcare-active audience at scale, with a medium that is proven to positively impact one’s health - Audio.

Americans are spending nearly 4 hours a day streaming digital audio content, and U.S. households own an average of 10+ connected devices. With over 150 million U.S. listeners, a brand-safe ad environment, and full-funnel ad product solutions, SXM Media has become a pivotal part of the healthcare marketing media mix to enhance digital marketing strategies.

SXM Media’s proprietary listener studies reveal valuable insights about their audience that can help guide healthcare marketing creative, targeting, and device tactics for the most impactful campaigns. For example, the recent survey found that 83% of adult listeners have visited a Doctor/Healthcare professional in the past year. Most of those listeners visited a Primary Care Physician (75%) or a Specialist (47%). 2 in 5 listeners who have visited a healthcare professional in the last 12 months did so for the first time.                                            


The study also found that 66% of listeners with new health conditions have visited a doctor for those new ailments, up considerably from 52% in Q4 2020. A staggering 79% of listeners with chronic/existing conditions have visited a doctor in the last 12 months, up from 69% in Q4 2020. 


Align Your Brand with Quality Content

The online misinformation that has spread throughout the pandemic has revealed just how much the ad environment matters. Healthcare marketers are utilizing streaming audio as a key tool to connect with target consumers without jeopardizing brand safety.

Reaching the right audience is important and advertiser messages can be more impactful within a quality environment where consumers are passionate about the content. SXM Media’s listener study found that 9 in 10 listeners say music has the power to heal, and 84% say music makes them feel better when they’re ill. SXM Media’s podcast listeners share similar sentiments: 43% think podcasts have the power to heal and contribute to well-being, and nearly 6 in 10 find that podcasts make them feel better when sick.  

Personalize Your Marketing to Drive Appointment Volume

To personalize healthcare marketing efforts and drive conversions SXM Media helps brands construct campaigns that are founded in data science and measurement. 1st party demo and geo targeting, as well as 3rd party audiences, are added to healthcare campaigns on Pandora to ensure the appropriate message is heard by the intended audience.

Brands can also tap into the SXM Podcast Network to align messaging with contextually relevant content or audiences through advanced targeting without sacrificing scale. According to Nielsen’s Effectiveness Study, podcast audio ads generate up to 4.4X better brand recall than display ads on other digital media platforms.

Streaming audio gives healthcare marketers a safe environment in which to tell their brand stories. As we look to authentically connect with healthcare consumers in 2022 consider the power of digital audio to reach all generations.

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