Blue Health Intelligence CEO Swati Abbott is predicting healthcare costs

(Jon Shaw)

Swati Abbott, CEO of Blue Health Intelligence

Age: 56

Education: B.S. in physics from Delhi University, India

About her: Swati Abbott oversees Blue Health Intelligence, a privately held healthcare data and analytics company that maintains and leverages more than 19 billion medical and pharmacy claims from more than 190 million commercially insured Americans. Previously, she was a senior executive at Elsevier, then served as president and CEO of MEDai and Informed Decisions LLC, both of which are part of the Elsevier organization. She also serves on several boards including Magellan Health Inc., a publicly-traded company that specializes in complex healthcare management; Prognos Inc., a private healthcare laboratory focused data and analytics company; and the University of Chicago’s Health Informatics Council.

Since joining Blue Health in 2011, she has overseen nearly a decade of annual double-digit revenue growth, growing BHI from seven employees to 150 professionals. In 2019, BHI became certified as a Qualified Entity by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in order to gain access to data from more than 59 million Medicare beneficiaries. In 2019, BHI also deployed a number of solutions including a predictive algorithm that enables health plans and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association to more accurately identify members who may develop health conditions that cost more than $250,000 a year so they can better direct appropriate interventions. BHI also deployed Care Advyzer, a real-time data solution for care managers, and launched a Common Data Platform containing more than 18 billion records of cleansed and conformed data to help healthcare organizations improve quality while lowering costs. BHI co-created the Blue Cross Blue Shield Data Innovation Challenge and provided data-driven insights that fueled BCBSA's Health of America Report on Millennial Health Trends.

First job: Research Management Consultants Inc.

Accomplishment she is most proud of: My ability to find work-life balance. As a CEO of a new company, I also raised my son and cared for my aging parents in my own home during the last years of their lives.

Problem she is most passionate about trying to solve: Making healthcare analytics usable for improving the care for every individual receiving care in the U.S. today and to contain costs without impacting care.

Book she recommends: "Who Moved My Cheese?: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life"

Advice she'd give her younger self: Do something every single day to walk a real mile in your client’s shoes. Experience their real trials and triumphs, and ask yourself what you could do to make their lives better.

What she’d do with her career if it wasn’t this: I am fortunate to have a dream job that blends all of the things I am professionally passionate about: data, analytics, client relations, solution building, and learning. However, if I had to do something else, I would love to teach either management or physics.

Blue Health Intelligence CEO Swati Abbott is predicting healthcare costs

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