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Lark's platform currently reaches nearly 2 million people to support managing their diabetes, weight loss, hypertension and behavioral health needs. (Lark Health)

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Julia Hu
Julia Hu (Lark Health)

Patients with chronic illnesses can find it hard to make necessary behavioral changes to manage their conditions actually stick.

Lark Health, an integrated chronic care management platform that harnesses artificial intelligence, aims to make that behavior change easier.

Launched in 2011, Lark's platform has since grown to reach nearly 2 million people to support managing their diabetes, weight loss, hypertension and behavioral health needs. Patients are provided with connected devices they can use to monitor their condition, and that data is then translated into individualized health insights. 

Business Insider named Lark one of the world's most innovative apps in 2015.

The platform is showing real results: A report released in September in conjunction with Omron Healthcare showed that using Lark's hypertension tools led to a decline in blood pressure within six months. Further analyses of Lark's tools have been published in 11 peer-reviewed journals, showing lowered A1C rates among diabetes patients and notable weight loss.

And earlier this year, Lark became the only company with a Diabetes Prevention Program that uses AI to receive Full Recognition from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Fierce insights with Lark CEO Julia Hu

What is your best piece of advice for launching a healthcare company that challenges the status quo?

Solve a long-standing and complex problem that a large patient population has experienced for too long rather than attempting to apply a Band-Aid solution as a quick fix. The road will be longer and harder, but it will also fundamentally transform a broken piece of our healthcare system by improving outcomes and reducing costs.

What is the failure you’ve learned the best lesson from?

We spent nearly six years doing R&D and in a prerevenue stage before turning a profit on Lark’s AI-augmented health coaching. We failed to communicate to our investors how long it takes to build this innovative technology, jump through the regulatory infrastructure, and partner with large health plans.

We learned to not suggest that we’re an idealistic tech team but a company with seasoned healthcare executives that, with the right strategic vision and leadership, has grown exponentially in the diabetes and hypertension management space. 

What is one change you predict in healthcare that people wouldn’t expect?

We believe that healthcare will become a consumer-driven service with a demand for better patient experience.

We’re already seeing the demand and success of meeting patients where they are with 24/7, on-demand, text-message based, virtual, and home care.

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