The largest healthcare real estate projects announced in 2019

(Kaiser Permanente)

2019 kicked off with one of the biggest real estate announcements of the year as Massachusetts General approved a $1 billion project to assure the delivery of 21st century care on its Boston campus.

But plenty of other big names in healthcare would follow suit with major real estate projects.

In this report, FierceHealthcare offers a glimpse into some of the largest projects announced this year, from new hospital towers to outpatient recovery centers. All told, these projects will cost upward of $700 billion, including Yale New Haven Hospital's $838 million commitment to a neuroscience center and RWJBarnabus and Rutgers' $750 million dedication to a free-standing cancer clinic.

In fact, some of the highlighted projects are even valued in the billions, such as Northwell's rebuild of its Manhattan flagship Lenox Hill Hospital for $2.5 billion and City of Hope's $1 billion regional cancer center in Southern California. Each has a unique vision, but all have a shared goal: to build modern facilities equipped for healthcare's latest technology.

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