The company’s artificial intelligence offerings help its clients tease out patterns, identifying and finding innovative solutions to a wide range of healthcare issues. (Questex) is a winner of FierceHealthcare's Fierce 15 awards. See our other honorees here.

The amount of healthcare information in the world is both staggering and constantly growing. Gaining access to that information in ways that provide a comprehensive picture of our health, however, has proven difficult. In 2016, tackled the problem by aggregating data so it could be analyzed more easily and delivered via smartphone.

Bringing data together was just the first step, however. “Our mission is to unlock the value of health data to optimize insights and accelerate better health outcomes for millions of people,”’s co-founder and CEO, Sam De Brouwer, told FierceHealthcare.

The company’s clients can then use its digital health platform to analyze all forms of medical data. The company’s artificial intelligence offerings help its clients tease out patterns, identifying and finding innovative solutions to a wide range of healthcare issues.

“Our comprehensive suite of products break down the known silos from clinical research to care, and enable customers to scale and launch products faster and at lower costs,” said De Brouwer. Meanwhile,'s privacy-preserving technologies ensure its end users retain control of their data.

The real-world utility of this technology became apparent this year, as the company launched a privacy-focused tool to help employers manage their employee health during the COVID-19 crisis. The tool, called Passport, collects employee health information through a daily survey, which produces an encrypted QR code that acts as a digital badge controlling access into physical spaces in the workplace.

That utility has spurred growth for the company as well. On the basis of its initial two years of successful collaboration with, health insurance giant Anthem recently extended its partnership with the company for an additional five years. In addition to using the platform as the basis for its digital development, Anthem also licenses Passport, as well as Serenity, the company’s mental health chat companion that helps manage anxiety and depression.

Fierce Insights from CEO Sam De Brouwer

CEO Sam De Brouwer (

What is your best piece of advice for launching a healthcare company that challenges the status quo?

Stay focused on solving real problems, use technology for data fluency and never compromise on doing the right thing.

What is the failure you’ve learned the best lesson from?

Whatever you project in healthcare, always add 12 months.

What is the book you recommend to other healthcare leaders?

“The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon”

What is your prediction for how the healthcare industry will change in 2021?

As a result of the pandemic, our health has moved to the forefront of all conversations, shifting healthcare from a seller’s to a buyer’s market. Next year, we will continue to see businesses further investing and developing the health component of their organization. 

In light of the national conversation that is happening right now, what advice would you offer to healthcare leaders seeking to make a real impact on problems caused by systemic racism?

The algorithms that will be used as the backbone of all our healthcare relations and transactions are being built today. However, what we are building is too important to be left to technologists alone; we need technologists, healthcare leaders, and patient communities to collaborate to shape the future and ensure we’re building products and services that serve all populations.