Special report: 11 notorious healthcare leaders in 2016

Executive looking out window
Here's our annual list of healthcare executives who made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Photo Credit: Getty/Tom Merton

As the people at the top of healthcare organizations, executives are expected to be a positive example for employees and inspire staff to work up to their full potential.

Easier said than done for some, as there are execs at hospitals and health systems, health insurance companies, medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies who tarnish their reputation and standing within the community. We've rounded the misdeeds and misadventures of 11 healthcare leaders in this special report.

A note: As was the case with our last list of notorious CEOs, not all of the people on the pages that follow have been convicted--or even accused--of a crime. By our definition, to be "notorious" is to make headlines for less-than-positive reasons.

These 11 cases range from those who have raised eyebrows with public squabbles to those who raised the public's ire after taking advantage of an opportunity in a free marketplace to those who raised the scrutiny of legal agencies, including the Department of Justice and FBI, for embezzlement, overbilling and other fraud schemes. 

Special report: 11 notorious healthcare leaders in 2016