Danielle LeVeck: Nursing storyteller

Danielle LeVeck inspires other nurses through her blog. (Danielle LeVeck)

Known to followers asNurse Abnormalities

Who she is: Danielle LeVeck, an ICU nurse practitioner, started her social media career by making memes and writing nurse stories. Bedside at the ICU, she felt passionate about sharing her experiences with other nurses; in other words, starting the uncomfortable conversations about healthcare. She began with a blog, then Instagram and Facebook. Today, she primarily focuses on Instagram. She’s studied popular hashtags in the nursing world so she can include them on every post. Now she does speaking engagements, guest blogging, and hopes to author a book in the next two years.

Where to follow: Find her on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

Subscribers: She has a total of 125,000 followers, including 68,000 Twitter followers.

Advice for those getting started in healthcare social media: "Stick to what you know and share it for the right reasons. Sharing simply to become popular will never truly accomplish anything. Although I would change absolutely nothing, I would send a friendly reminder to all influencers that if you have one follower, you have influence, and that’s all it takes to make a positive or negative change. So we should all be thinking about what we do and trying to keep it as positive as possible."

Most influential post to date: LeVeck’s blog post “To a new nurse—you’ll be okay,” written more than two years ago, has been shared over 23,000 times. “It’s raw and real and when I wrote it, it just had to come out. I couldn’t hold it in, and I think my followers could recognize that,” LeVeck said.

Social media no-no: "Never share identifying patient data and be careful when taking pictures in the hospital at all."

Who she follows: LeVeck follows meme pages and poetry pages, and not much in between. Her favorite meme pages include @emotionalclub, and one of her favorite poetry pages is @langleav.

Danielle LeVeck: Nursing storyteller

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