Grand Rounds' Ami Parekh is working to connect patients with crucial care

Ami Parekh

Ami Parekh, M.D., chief medical officer at Grand Rounds

Age: 41

Education: Parekh received her bachelor’s degree in political science and biology from Williams College and a medical doctorate and juris doctorate from Yale University. Parekh did her residency in Internal Medicine at Harvard's Brigham and Women Hospital where she was selected to serve as a chief resident at the Faulkner Hospital.

About her: Parekh got her start providing consulting services to local nonprofits and healthcare companies in addition to companies in other industries at McKinsey and Company before she transitioned to help with the Clinton Foundation’s HIV/AIDS initiative. Parekh was Chief Medical Officer for Population Health and Clinical Integration for UCSF Health, where she helped build the clinical, analytic and organizational infrastructure to take on financial risk for populations. She also served on the board of Canopy Health, Inc., a provider partnership designed to bring more affordable, easy-to-access care for people in Northern California. 

She ultimately found her way to the C-suite at Grand Rounds, a digital healthcare company that partners with large, self-insured companies to raise the standard of healthcare.

In 2020, she drove the launch of Grand Rounds' Connected Care Program (CCP), which provides extra support to members managing serious or chronic conditions and are trying to navigate the healthcare ecosystem. She spearheaded the program’s implementation with Walmart in North and South Carolina before expanding the program to other customers and states.  The team has created hundreds of longitudinal care plans for members with the goal of improving clinical outcomes, increasing health literacy and reducing healthcare costs.

Since March 2020, a lot of Parekh’s work has been focused on COVID-19. Grand Rounds’ care team has been receiving an influx of calls related to COVID-19 symptoms, care, how to get a test, if the doctor’s office is safe, etc.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, she turning to her community roots, visiting local television stations in the San Francisco Bay Area to provide updates surrounding the virus and best ways individuals could protect themselves and their families.  She also led Grand Rounds’ “Ask Me Anything” Facebook Live events, where members and viewers across the country send in COVID and healthcare-related questions while leading an internal team of clinicians to ensure they were providing members with the most accurate and evidence-based guidance possible.

First job: "Serving bagels at Bruegger’s Bagels in Lexington, Mass."

Accomplishment she’s most proud of: “My family.”

The problem she’s most passionate about trying to solve: "I am committed to making a positive impact on patient outcomes at a larger scale for populations, while maintaining that sense of connectedness to patients.”

What is the book you most recommend to other healthcare leaders: Humble Inquiry by Edgar Schein.

Advice she’d give her younger self: "It’s a marathon, not a sprint."

What she would do with your career if it wasn’t this: “I always wanted to go to space.” 

What advice would she offer to healthcare leaders seeking to make a real impact on systemic problems of racism: "The first step is acknowledging that there is a problem, and that it is our responsibility to solve it. This includes measuring progress so that we can be accountable for making significant change every year until we can demonstrate all Americans have the same opportunity to live their best lives, not unequally burdened by their healthcare needs.”

Grand Rounds' Ami Parekh is working to connect patients with crucial care